CSR Activity

India Pesticides Limited (IPL) as a corporate is committed to uphold its social responsibility with reverberating motto ‘Care the World with Care’.

We do care for environment, safety and society that exist inside & outside of the organization. We believe that focusing on sustainability during our all initiatives can lead to growth of our communities too, due to which we function.

Our CSR Governance Committee and its committed team involve in planning & execution of CSR activities with strategic approach. We act to Nurture health care through various programs and voluntarily contribute to related national funds. We support institutions, which encourages Aspirants who work to excel in educational & sports fields and get empowered. We join hands with organisations, which focuses to Conserve flora & fauna and participate in community development programs that Enhance habitation.


IPL always make attempts to understand the need in the society in which it operates and consider that as an opportunity to address the root cause of the problem.

During pandemic due to Covid-19 in 2021, the Community Health Center at Sandila faced patients who require oxygen supply. The center is already equipped with those facilities; however the spike in cases caused patients to search and rush to other far away locations. India pesticides Limited, stepped ahead to meet the requirement by understanding the demand for additional support. Two Oxygen Concentrators of 10 liter capacity were made available at the center to meet the emergency.