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Pest Control Solutions

Protecting our flora is essential to protect the fauna and the planet as whole. Hence, India Pesticides Limited believes that protecting crop and the environment with equal significance is a crucial factor while bringing out pest control products.

Products by using innovative sustainable synthetic chemistry, manufacturing by keeping resource conservation as prime importance, developing robust products after thorough studying on customers’ requirements, adhering norms & regulations of the land and IPL’s stern stand on producing only the approved products, provide turn-key solutions for farmers of present & future.

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Choose Right Pesticide

Pesticides are meant to target pests and be toxic to them so that your valuable crop can be saved. Whether these pests are insects or a cause of plant disease, or weeds or any unwanted garden invaders, IPL suggests usage of personal protective equipment while handling all our environmental friendly products shown in the Products section of this website. When chosen and used properly, pesticides can protect your plants from damage.

For your information, ‘Pesticides’ that kill insects are Insecticides whereas Herbicides kill weeds or unwanted plants, which spoil your main crop. Fungicides kill fungus on your plants and Rodenticides kill organisms such as rats and mice that eat away your crop. Likewise, Miticides are used for mite control on plants and products that kill snails and slugs are Molluscicides.

We can protect our vegetation through right choice and rational use of pesticides after discussing with experts.

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